Ángel Rafael Cerdeño, a Telecinco journalist in Venezuela, dies at 38

The journalist Ángel Cerdeño. / Mediaset

The journalist began to feel ill last week and suffered a faint


Journalist Ángel Rafael Cerdeño, a Telecinco correspondent in Caracas, has died suddenly at the age of 38. The person in charge of making the news public has been his partner, the journalist Esther Yáñez.

According to the journalist’s account, Ángel Cerdeño “apparently had nothing wrong with him.” One Thursday he began to feel unwell and fainted, so “he embarked on the usual journey of looking for a hospital to treat him in Caracas.”

Finally, he was treated at the third center he attended. He obtained a diagnosis: «They told him that they did not know what was wrong with him and they sent him home. What if I rest, what if amoxicillin (which is one of the few drugs that are still safely found in pharmacies), what if in a few days they would do some test to elucidate the origin of his ailment. However, he passed away before having to return to the medical center. «It did not make it to the tests. Venezuela killed him, “says Yáñez.

The last time the journalist was able to speak with Sardinia was this Monday, just an hour before she passed away. “He sent me an audio message because I didn’t have the strength to write, he told me. When I heard it, my hair stood on end. Something strange was happening -he has assured-. I could see it in his voice, in his breathing, making an extra effort to communicate with me, because Angel always thought of others, because he was too generous not to answer me ». Ángel had been married for 20 years and had 3 children.


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