Angèle takes again “Me … Lolita”, Alizée completely fan (video)

Our compatriot Angèle posted a small extract of her cover of Alizée’s hit, and the latter fully validates.

Angèle has just installed the TikTok application, to the delight of her thousands of fans. And by way of introduction, she posted on this social network and on Instagram a small cover of Alizée’s hit “Me… Lolita”. A cover that seduced more than 2,000 Instagram subscribers of Angela, but also the initial performer of the song.

Indeed, Alizée commented on Angèle’s cover of a ” Fan Followed by an emoji with hearts in the eyes. A remark that obviously did not go unnoticed by fans of the two artists, who began to dream of a duet between Alizée and Angèle. After Dua Lipa, a collaboration with Alizée for our favorite Belgian artist?


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