Anita Yuan’s “New Joy” at the airport is extremely rare for Birkin 35 Fray Fray to have a market price|Hong Kong 01|Instant Entertainment

When Liang Liang appeared at the airport a few days ago, the “new love” Birkin 35 Fray Fray appeared at the same time. (Visual China)

Anita Yuan (beautiful) recently stayed in the mainland to start work with her husband Chilam. When she appeared at the airport at the beginning of the month, she saw her tightly using Hermès Birkin Cargo. However, when Liang Liang appeared at Shanghai Airport a few days ago, Birkin Cargo was nowhere to be seen, and the new love is Birkin 35 Fray Fray!

Liang Liang showed her love to Birkin Cargo last month, and she was able to carry it several times in and out of the airport. (Visual China)

When the Birkin 35 Fray Fray was exposed last year, it was listed as the “Most Wanted/Most Expected Hermès 2021 Spring/Summer New Product” by fashion magazines. The biggest feature of the handbag is that everyone can see that the bag is sewn with H-shaped diagonal woven canvas. There are tassel details on both sides of the body, coupled with extremely high-end swift calfskin, it is absolutely stylish. The official price is about 77,000 Hong Kong dollars, and the speculation is over 400,000. However, the red and mint green that are more available on the market are more important. As for the black and white of Liangliang, it is a rare limited edition, and you may not be able to buy it if you have money.

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In fact, the beautiful favorite Hermès is already known. Whether it is the Birkin Bag, which is more valuable than the stock, it is the entry-level Her bag, Garden Party, or even a limited number of styles. The home is like the Hermès handbag collection.

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