Announced! Winner of the 2020 SCTV Awards for the Most Popular Actor and Accompanying Actress Category

PORTALJOMBANG.comSCTV The 2020 Awards are still running on Indonesian people’s favorite television stations for almost 3 hours.

Please note, event SCTV The 2020 Awards also invited NCT 127 as one of the guest stars to enliven the award ceremony.

SCTV The 19th Awards itself is an award ceremony for artists, films, and soap operas which are held annually.

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In addition, the event which was held on Friday 27 November 2020 at 20.00 WIB tonight was hosted directly by famous presenters Raffi Ahmad, Andhika Pratama, and Yuki Kato.

Several Indonesian and international singers also participated in the celebration SCTV Awards this year are Agnez Mo, Noah, Rizky Billar, Christie, and Un1ty, as well as NTC 127.

On SCTV The 2020 Awards after giving awards for eleven categories, consisting of 5 individual categories, 5 general categories, and 2 additional categories.

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