Anthony Edwards, picked first by the Minnesota Timberwolves

The day came, a new generation of players has landed in the best league in the world. The first name to come out of Adam Silver’s mouth was Anthony Edwards. The player from the University of Georgia was chosen by the Minnesota Timberwolves and on him he will feel the pressure of being the first selected of the primer Draft virtual of history.

The NBA, forced by the pandemic and health protocols, organized its usual summer gala in the middle of November. Did it in ESPN studios, connecting live with each prospect and seeking not to subtract a pinch of Magic to a historical event.

When push comes to shove and with the Timberwolves executive looking transfer your choice until the last minute, Edwards ended up overtaking James Wiseman and LaMelo Ball in the pools. All three are the top of a very talented litter.

And Edwards was the first to make the headlines. Land in some Timberwolves eager to compete finally, to seek a place in the playoff after many disappointments and in which he will find a young core full of talent that they lead Karl-Anthony Towns y D’Angelo Russell.

Anthony Edwards es a special player, and contrary to what many critics have said in recent weeks, leads a generation that has nothing to envy of other pasts. Among its main virtues, scouts stand out his explosiveness and scoring resources, features that will make you immediately attractive.

His magic moment did not lack emotionality. Edwards received the news surrounded by portraits of his mother and grandmother, both recently deceased. Their respective birthdays, both on the 5th, are the reason why he wears that number on his dorsal.

This year’s is the fourth first pick who will wear the Timberwolves jersey for the past ten years. Two did so after being elected by Cleveland (Andrew Wiggins y Anthony Bennet) and Towns was selected by the wolves themselves. Edwards joins a very young but dynamite-laden team.

This Draft is a new chapter for the league and for the teamsSilver declared solemnly, at the opening of the ceremony. The boss of the best league in the world is aware that the current situation forces the NBA to improvise but the logistics behind this Draft lived up to the occasion.

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