Anti-pd1 treatment offers patients increased survival with fewer toxic effects

Medicine in recent years has been moving looking for an approach of personalized treatments and based on the search for alternatives under molecular and genetic analysis methods.

Dra. Omayra Reyes, Hematologist Oncologist

Marcela Moreno Wilches
Latin Agency for Medicine and Public Health News

In an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health (MSP), Dr. Omayra Reyes, a hematologist oncologist, highlights the benefit of anti-pd1 treatments in the fight against cancer and highlights the importance and contributions of immunotherapy, which works by stimulating the immune system to fight cancer cells .

The specialist qualifies these treatments as an advance in oncological medicine, where the introduction of immunotherapies or anti-pd1 They have come to revolutionize cancer medicine in the sense that they have managed to provide more years of life to patients who previously had more limited treatments.

Basically in the case of immunotherapy, which are anti-pd1 agents have brought a new combination to kidney cancer patients, which has advanced, offering an increased survival compared to what was basically the standard treatment”Pointed out the oncologist.

Today, when comparing the drugs of years ago with the current ones, it can be seen that a 24-month survival is offered to patients in 74 or 75% of patients.

The quality of life and side effects are also much more manageable, as well as toxic effects are observed in clinical studies, while in clinical practices it is observed that the number of patients who tolerates the combination more and more is increasing. of treatments such as those already approved with checkpoint inhibitors that basically allow to increase survival and keep the medical condition stable.

Inhibitor treatments do not necessarily have to work in combination with other treatments, but can be used in a sequential way to decrease the chances of toxic effects.

Benefit of anti-pd1 inhibitors

Compared to treatments used years ago, checkpoint inhibitors contain a much safer side effect profile and the response the patient gets to their medical condition is much more sustained.

Within the treatment with this type of drugs, Dr. Reyes also highlights the tolerability of these drugs, a profile of safe side effects and highlights that the response profile they offer, especially increases the overall survival of all cancer patients who use it.

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