Antonio Marte says that the bill to eliminate the “barrel” is “a waste of time”

The senator of the province Santiago Rodríguez, Antonio Marte, said that the project to eliminate the “barrel”, submitted by his colleague Faride Raful, is a “time-waster that has no chance of success in the Upper House.”

Marte said that it was from Senators Antonio Taveras Guzmán and Eduardo Estrella, “Nobody agrees with eliminating social assistance funds”, which is popularly known as “barrel”.

Interviewed in the television program Hoy Same, which is broadcast by Color Vision, channel 9, he insisted that anyone who does not want the “barrel” can donate it to him to distribute it in his province, which he described as one of the most poor of the country.

Marte, who has an allocation of 619 thousand pesos, said that there is misinformation in the country about social assistance funds, since it is not money deposited in a personal account of the legislator, but rather one created by the Senate of the Republic.

He said that in order to collect that money they must submit the invoices for each of the expenses they incurred and that if they do not do that then they do not receive the amounts for the following month.

Antonio Marte was one of the first legislators to point out that he would not renounce social assistance funds, a position that his colleagues from Duarte, Puerto Plata, Pedernales, among others, have also expressed.


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