Antúnez and the carpenter from Welcome Aboard lost in the pull-ups with Kuza and Super Román: “It was a divine force”

Kuza and Súper Román accomplished what seemed impossible and defeated carpenter and Antúnez in the Welcome Aboard chin-ups by just one difference.

After Antúnez made his presentation, the champion duo made it to 71 dominated, forcing his opponent to do at least 32 to catch up.

However, in what seemed like a movie ending, Kuza reached 33 o’clock and managed to beat Antúnez and the carpenter by one.

Such was the effort that the winner ended up lying on the floor for a few minutes until he managed to recover.

“Rematch is coming,” anticipated Guido Kaczka.

“It was a divine force, because Antúnez has plenty of strength,” said Kuza, acknowledging the ability of his rival.


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