“Anything that falls from the sky will be able to freeze quickly and we will have black ice”

From the middle of the night from Saturday to Sunday, the precipitation will turn to freezing rain or snow in Flanders, before gradually spreading to the center of the country at the end of the night.

On Sunday, the snowfall could reach 5 to 10 cm in Flanders, 1 to 5 cm in the province of Liège and in western Hainaut and up to 2 cm elsewhere.

The Walloon Road Action Unit and the Flemish Road Traffic Agency call on motorists to be extra careful. In particular, the latter are invited to adapt their speed, avoid any sudden maneuvers and keep a sufficient safety distance from the vehicle in front.

On both sides, the road agencies are announcing that they are implementing all means to ensure maximum user safety and maintain good traffic conditions on regional roads.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the risk of widespread ice sheet formation will be high.

“Anything that falls from the sky can freeze quickly”

Noodweer Benelux has also placed Belgium on yellow alert. If snowfall is expected to remain moderate in the center of the country, meteorologist Nicolas Roose urges you to be wary of freezing rains. “Given the very low temperatures, anything that falls from the sky can freeze quickly and we will have black ice. It will also be difficult for the spreading services to clear the roads, ”warns the man, questioned by our colleagues from Nieuwsblad.


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