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Apple bids farewell to the Pro Max era in the iPhone 15 series

by archyde

A new report confirmed that Apple plans to change its naming strategy for the iPhone 15 phones expected to be launched next year, to replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max version with a new name, iPhone 15 Ultra.

According to a new report published by Mark Gorman, technical editor at Bloomberg, the American company is preparing to provide a set of new features with the iPhone 15 phones in 2023, the most important of which is the provision of a charging outlet and a USB-C data transfer.

Apple’s use of the Ultra name in its upcoming phones is not surprising, as the company used that name before with the release of its M1 Ultra processor, as well as with the iPhone 11 family of phones in 2019, in addition to launching a sports version of its smart watch this year under the name Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple has recently become accustomed to making frequent changes in the naming of its phones, after it lasted for two years to offer the “mini” version of its phones across the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 families, the company abandoned the small version, and returned again to the name “Plus” with iPhone 14 Plus, after That gave up that label since the iPhone 8 Plus.

Although less than a month has passed since the launch of the new iPhone 14 phones, the wheel of rumors and leaks has begun to spin to inform the world about expectations related to the iPhone 15 phones. Recently, screen expert Ross Young confirmed that Apple aims to implement its new screen design, Dynamic Island, on all versions of the iPhone. Its phones for the next year, after this year it singled out the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max versions with its new screen design.

It is reported that Young also indicated that Apple will continue to make the Always-On Display feature, which allows displaying data and notifications on the screen while it is locked, exclusive to the iPhone 15 versions. .

Regarding the USB-C outlet, the new Bloomberg report confirms that the company will rely on it instead of its famous Lightening Port, noting that the company has already started its tests on the use of the USB-C outlet, in preparation for the start of the European Union’s activation of a strategy to unify the charging outlet for all phones and smart devices Starting from 2024 to reduce e-waste.

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