Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max do not render all apps in 120 Hz

the iPhone 13-Series officially went on sale on Friday, September 24th. The first pre-orders are slowly arriving in most markets with customers or in Apple stores. And so the first buyers noticed that the new ProMotion function did not work continuously.

That iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max both have the ProMotion displays from Apple. The new panels are supplied by Samsung and offer adaptive refresh rates of up to 120 Hz. The function has been on the iPad Pro available and is now also being used in iPhones for the first time.

iOS 15 supports ProMotion in all apps when scrolling or with full screen transitions such as changing apps or swiping towards the home screen. As 9to5Mac now reported, many animations are still limited to 60 Hz. This creates a short break in the representation of the ProMotion displays.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s display renders most animations at 120Hz, but there are still plenty of animations out there that don’t take full advantage of the higher refresh rate. Apple’s first-party apps have properly implemented the smoother transitions across the board. The problem only occurs with third-party apps.

Apple has confirmed to 9to5Mac that developers will need to adjust their apps for the higher frame rates. A new info.plist key is required for this, which informs the system that an app supports 120 Hz. Apple will make the documentation available to developers shortly. A firmware update is also on the way, which will fix a bug that limits the refresh rate to a maximum of 60 Hz.

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