Apple perfects iOS 15 security features and enhances Face ID fraud prevention technology

Although iOS 15 was officially opened for update last night, the beta version has been launched for about 3 months. Although Apple has decided to postpone the launch of some new features, it has also improved some of the original features of the system. In the iOS 15 feature update list just released, Apple mentioned that the Face ID face recognition technology has been amended, from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12 series, as well as the third-generation iPad Pro.

According to Apple’s official documents, the previous method of passing Face ID authentication through the creation of user facial 3D models has been resolved in iOS 15 by improving the Face ID anti-fraud model. Correcting the Face ID fraud prevention model is just one part of many iOS 15 security enhancements. Apple said that the system update also includes Neural Engine neural engine, CoreML, Siri, kernel, configuration options, WebKit, etc. to make corrections.


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