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Apple is launching iOS 14.5 、 iPadOS 14.5 Later, the 3E751 firmware update was recently launched for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, which was replaced in September last year. AirPods Pro releases 3A283 firmware to add “spatial audio”, After about half a year, this time I launched a firmware update for AirPods again.

Apple released the 3E751 firmware update for AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 generations. This update Apple did not explain the AirPods update content, but the macOS 11.3 update accidentally revealed 2 serious bug fixes:

  • The AirPods audio path is sent to the incorrect device for automatic switching
  • AirPods Automatic switching notifications may be missing or repeated

According to the macOS update, the “auto-switching” headset function supported by AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 can enable iPhone, iPad and Mac computers and related Apple devices to quickly switch and play. It is expected that the 3E751 firmware update will mainly target the above two A bug fix, if you have purchased AirPods, it is recommended to update to the 3E751 firmware version immediately.

How to check the firmware version of AirPods?

  1. Tap iOS “Settings”> “Bluetooth”
  2. After connecting the AirPods to the iPhone, click the “i” button on the right side of the AirPods device
  3. Slide to the bottom to see the device “version”.

Apple released 3E751 firmware update for AirPods series, mainly to fix 2 errors

How to update the firmware version for AirPods?

For detailed AirPods firmware update method, please refer to “AirPods firmware update teaching: teach you to check the device version and update method」。

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