Apple TV + has less than 20 million subscribers in the United States and Canada

Until now, to count the number of subscribers to Apple TV +, it was necessary to rest on the wet finger of analysts who recently announced 40 million customers in the world. Finally, here’s some first-hand info: In July, Apple’s streaming service had less than 20 million subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Gold-plated casting for Apple TV +.

This figure does not come out of nowhere: it is the one given by the manufacturer to the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP), a union that represents workers in the film and television sector in both countries. . In the contract that binds Apple to the American audiovisual production sector, having less than 20 million subscribers allows the manufacturer to pay workers and technicians less than a Netflix or a Disney +.

There are no small savings even for the juggernaut that is Apple, which is also increasing investments to expand its catalog. However, it should be added that Peacock, the service of NBCUniversal, and Paramount + of ViacomCBS are in the same situation as Apple TV +: these platforms also have less than 20 million subscribers in the United States and Canada, they therefore benefit from the same “gift” rate although their owners are not to be pitied either.

Salary rules are more flexible for streaming platforms than for traditional production customers, because their profitability is considered more uncertain and the production of their content requires more flexibility. However, unions now believe that streaming is no longer a new form of media, and that companies like Apple should pay for their productions at the same level as traditional broadcasters, such as TV networks.

In a press release, AMPTP deplores that workers are paid less by these ” new media “, Even for productions” whose budgets rival or even exceed those of traditional blockbusters “. Negotiations that have been going on for several months could lead to a strike as early as October 1.

Called by CNBC, Apple did not comment on the number of Apple TV + subscribers, however the company did indicate that it paid production teams at the same level as other streaming services.


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