Apple would have liked to seize Verzuz, a service of creation of rap battles

Apple would still have the idea of ​​injecting a little social into its music streaming service, despite the failure of Connect, which was nevertheless an integral part of the Apple Music “experience” (read: And Ping, Apple disconnects Connect, the social network of Apple Music). Bloomberg report indeed that the manufacturer would have made an offer to buy Verzuz, but it is ultimately Triller who won the piece in March.

Let’s resume: Verzuz is a music streaming service that allows two artists to engage rap battles and other friendly live competitions. Created by rappers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the platform broadcast its matches on Instagram and its popularity quickly skyrocketed, thanks or because of the lockdowns. For his part, thriller is a social network for sharing videos, especially music. Complementary services finally.

Apple and Verzuz had agreed in July 2020 to release the battles on Apple Music and Apple Music 1 radio. But the acquisition by Triller prematurely ended this collaboration.

Apple did not want to enter the auction game, its bid having been lower than that of Triller (we do not know the price of the transaction). One can nevertheless wonder what the Apple could have done with this acquisition. Reintegrate a social component into your streaming service?


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