Apple would not like Logitech to release a Combo Touch for the iPad Pro

Don’t hold your breath if you were waiting for Logitech for a version of the Combo Touch for iPad Pro of its case / keyboard / trackpad. This accessory, which combines a case, a keyboard and a trackpad, was unveiled at the same time as the new iPad Pro and its Magic Keyboard. It is available for the iPad Air 3 and the iPad 7… and that should stop there for this range.

The site Tidbits indeed left his ears lying around and according to a small bird, Apple would have made it of “ to discourage Logitech to launch versions of the Combo Touch for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches. The reason: avoid competing with the Magic Keyboard. If the functions are very close, the prices are not the same: 150 € at Logitech, from 339 € for Apple. Admittedly, the design is very different and the Combo Touch is less sophisticated. But according to our current test, the Logitech product is quite valid and effective. It allows you to take advantage of the new features of iPadOS 13.4 for the trackpad, at a moderate price.

IPad Pro users whose budget has melted after the acquisition of their tablet would certainly appreciate being able to equip themselves at a good price with a Combo Touch. But this is how Apple models its range: premium accessories for premium products. Logitech is often called upon to help develop accessories for devices intended for the education market and the general public. The example of the Pencil comes to mind: the stylus, cousin of the Apple Pencil, was first thought to equip schools. Which does not make it a bad product, quite the contrary (read our test).


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