Apple’s iPhone 13 will soon be released with 1TB of storage, here are the specifications and features that are in circulation

Reporter: Anggie Irfansyah

TRIBUNSTYLE.COMApple release soon iPhone 13 this year, see the leak.

Previous, Apple has released four iPhone 12 models in October 2020.

Now, the next generation of smart phones, namely iPhone 13 has started to circulate a lot.

The latest news Apple is increasing the storage capacity of his iPhone product up to 1 TB.

This 1 TB storage option will likely be present in the model iPhone 13 Pro.

If true, iPhone 13 will have twice the storage capacity compared to the maximum capacity in the previous generation.

As is known, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max only offer up to 512 GB of storage.

IPhone 12 Illustration (

As reported KompasTekno (1/2/2021) one of the YouTubers, John Prosser, leaked this.

John Prosser often gives product leaks Apple accurately.

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