Aracely Arámbula shows more than necessary with a heart attack dress and Luis Miguel claims her

Aracely Arámbula is a Mexican actress very loved by her followers, she has great recognition for the soap operas she has starred in, she is a very talented woman and she steals the eyes with heart-stopping outfits. Look at her!

November 19, 2020 15:55 hs

Aracely Arambula She is the singer’s ex-wife Luis MiguelShe has two children so she has had legal encounters in which they have not been able to agree, now the actress is exhibiting herself with a dress and apparently the singer did not like the publication.

But nevertheless, Aracely Arambula She has proven to be an independent woman, she has also been an example for single mothers, she has made a call not to abandon herself to have children, on the contrary, to feel much more beautiful.

So that, Aracely Arambula In this postcard she has captured the gaze of her 5.4 MM followers on her official Instagram account, she wears a black lace dress with a completely bare back, accompanied by a high train that makes her look very elegant and without that look that falls in love.

Specifically, the ratio of Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel It is not good, in fact the media have made public the discords they have had over the support of their children, so we do not believe that they communicate for personal things.

It is evident that Aracely Arambula She likes to attract attention in the networks with her charms, in addition to everything and that the actress is already her years old, she remains very beautiful, takes care of herself and invites her followers to do so.

Finally though Aracely and Luis Miguel have an eternal bond for the children they have in common, between these two there is nothing of love and it seems that the Mexican already has a heartthrob.


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