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The average value per square meter (m2) of sale in Metropolitan Lima in 2020 was located at S / 6,009, according to the Association of Real Estate Companies of Peru (ASEI).

That is, in the last year, despite the pandemic and the economic crisis, it was reported an increase of 7% compared to 2019 (S / 5,613).

I agree with you announced results by ASEI, these are the prices per m2 in the following districts

In Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro, San Borja and Santiago de Surco: These districts recorded a drop of 4.8%, so the average price is S / 7,475.

In Lince, Magdalena del Mar, Surquillo, Jesús María, Pueblo Libre and San Miguel: In these places the price per square meter grew 4.9%, rising to S / 6,219 on average.

In La Victoria, Cercado de Lima, Breña, Rímac: The average price was S / 4,921, which represented an increase of 1.7%,

In Chorrillos: Average price per square meter recorded a fall of 5.1%, reached S / 4,488.

Why did the price of m2 go up in Metropolitan Lima?

The Chairman of the Committee on ASEI Market Analysis, Ricardo Arbulú, explained that this increase is due to 4 factors.

First, the facilities provided by the banks in the qualification of a mortgage credit before a lower interest rate, in a context of the health emergency due to Covid-19. The second, the expectations of families for buy a home , but not by investment, but by a “real non-speculative demand”.

Third factor was the great demand and little supply in the real estate of Metropolitan Lima and the country. Fourth factor, the expansion of subsidies from the State of MiVivienda.

“These four factors put pressure on the price per square meter”, Arbulú indicated during the presentation of the Real Estate Market Results 2020 & Business Environment 2021, organized by ASEI.

They plan to raise rents

According to a report by Urbania, more than half (53%) of property owners households He estimates to raise the price of rents this year.

A 76% estimate that the price of rents will rise less than 15% in the course of 2021.

Meanwhile, the study indicates that 66% of those who rent will choose to sell their property to acquire a new one. While 26% will sell it because they believe that it is more convenient to sell than to rent the property.

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