Arena del Río, getting closer to becoming a reality

River Sand, the sports and entertainment megaproject that pwill position Barranquilla worldwide, keep making great strides.

The project with a extension of more than 300 thousand square meters It is already in the Partial Plan phase, that is, in the preliminary phase before obtaining the construction license. This Partial Plan, which is developed in conjunction with the District, assesses the zoning plans for certain areas of urban land and for the included areas of urban expansion.

The construction work would probably begin in early 2022, although it may be earlier, but it would depend on the delivery of the construction license.

The tasks would have a duration of 30 months and the inauguration to the public of Barranquilla and the world will be in 2024.

Presentation of suites. The organization of Arena del Río presented yesterday in a shopping center in Barranquilla the concept of the exclusive boxes (suites) that the project will have.

In total they will be approximately 350 suites with different capacities, for 16 and 32 people, respectively.

“This week we have exceeded 50% of the suites sold. The welcome from Barranquilla has been impressive. About 80% of the suites acquired have been by Barranquilla residents who want to be part of the future of the city, “said Tatyana Orozco, president of Arena del Río.

The spaces, as explained by Orozco, may be designed to suit the owner under an office or living room concept, which would include an open bar.

“This space can be accommodated and used for a whole year at any time for the use of the people who acquire them,” Orozco said.

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In terms of value, a suite with capacity for 16 people has an approximate value of $ 750 million, while one with capacity for 32 people has an average cost of $ 1,500 million.

In addition to the suites, the Arena del Río project will have a hundred private apartments, which, according to the data presented, are also in an advanced commercialization process, since so far more than half already have owners.

It is worth noting that project sales started in parallel to the presentation of the venue on November 10, 2020.

Orozco also stressed that these commercial goals have been achieved without having launched the international campaign so far.

The role of the ‘Child’

A project from Barranquilla to the world has behind the scenes one of the figures that positioned the city in the pages of world baseball: Edgar Renteria.

‘El Niño de Barranquilla’, who supports this project under the figure of investor, said he was happy to the “realization of this dream” and of “contributing to the city”.

“My vision is to bring this to Barranquilla and to the whole world and bet on my land. We are committed to moving Barranquilla forward (…) It is the best way to invest what I have earned in a city that has given me a lot, “said Édgar Renteria.

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