Argentine Emiliano Martínez says he would love to go on vacation to Colombia

In dialogue with the journalist Christian Martin, from ESPN, Emiliano Martínez spoke again about the semifinal match of the America Cup against Colombia.

There he revealed that he sent a message apologizing to Yerry Mina, but that the Colombian did not respond. In addition, he pointed out that at halftime of that decisive match the forward Miguel Ángel Borja shouted that Argentina was going to “shit”And that was one of the reasons why he spoke and even insulted the kickers of the ‘Tricolor’ in the penalty shootout.

However, despite everything, ‘Dibujos’ Martínez assured on ESPN that he loves the Colombian people very much, whoHe has many Colombian friends, such as David Ospina, with whom he spent several years at Arsenal and who went to his marriage.

Christian Martin asked Emiliano Martínez to send a message to Colombians and It was there when he answered that he would love to vacation in Colombia.

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It is a beautiful country, I have many friends, David Ospina came to my wedding “(marriage), I have many Colombian friends…. I love the Colombian people very much, it was only part of soccer. What happens on the court stays on the court. What’s more, I would love to go on vacation to Colombia, “he said.

At that comment, Martin laughed and told him that he would wait one more timeSince Colombia has received a lot of criticism for what happened.

“One more year”, finished with laughs Emiliano ‘Dibujos’ Martínez, giving reason to the ESPN journalist that it is not the ideal time for him to visit Colombia.

Archer of Argentina says he would love to vacation in Colombia


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