Argentine victory in the new Transatlntic Drama Tournament

The Argentine playwright Lucas Ranzani the ninth has been taken Transatlantic Drama Tournament which organizes the Ibero-American High Season. In an edition that has been able to be followed live and online, the text Promoción de verano has been imposed on that of the Catalan Lara Díez Quintanilla, Khwam Sukh Sarmiento, who was also a finalist in the High Season Dramaturgy Tournament 2020.

In addition to Lara Díez, the Balearic playwright Mar Pla, winner of the Balearic Drama Tournament with the text Mami-fera, also took part in this edition of the Argentine tournament. For the first time, however, the authors of the texts in Catalan have not been able to travel to America due to the current health situation and have had to direct and rehearse through Zoom with Argentine actors.

The final of the tournament closes the festival in Buenos Aires, but the Latin American edition continues until February 27 in Lima.


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