Armed men kill 2 police officers in southern Bolívar

Two members of the National Police were killed at point-blank range with rifle bursts in the south of the department of Bolivar, by unknown subjects who stripped them of their officially endowed weapons.

The victims of this blood incident were identified as the Mayor Robinson Cardona Arboleda, 37 years old, natural from Manizales; and the patrolman Yehison Vásquez Martínez, 34 years, born in Cartagena, reported the Bolivar Police Command.

The events occurred at exactly 10:40 in the morning at the site of Quince Letras in the village of La Sabana., 600 meters from the urban area of ​​the municipality of Norosí.

The uniformed men were traveling by motorcycle developing patrol work in the region, when the attack surprised them.

Apparently Cardona Arboleda and Vásquez Martínez They were intercepted by four individuals who were also traveling by motorcycle, who without a word fired at them at close range, according to the initial versions known to the authorities.

The two police officers died at the site of the attack, adds the part of the authorities. The double homicide sparked the president’s reaction Ivan Duque, who rejected this fact that aggravates the situation of violence in this area of ​​the department of Bolívar.

“Two heroes of the homeland were vilely murdered in the line of duty by terrorists who wanted to silence their territorial presence and affect, of course, that they could fulfill their duty ”, declared the president, who anticipated that in the next few hours they will deliver new details about this new attack.

Duque also indicated that Everything indicates that those responsible would be members of the guerrilla The n, which operates in the area.

“These events will not go unpunished and we will continue to confront these criminal structures with all determination, “he also said.

The mayor of Norosí, Arturo Londoño, also confirmed that the attack against the mayor and the patrolman could be the work of the ELN guerrilla.

Despite the hypotheses about the perpetrators, the Bolívar Police said the following in a statement about the events:

“So far it is unknown which group or structure outside the law would be responsible for this murder. However, in the area members of the Luis José Solano Sepúlveda Front of the Organized Armed Group (GAO) of the ELN commit crimes ”.

Mayor Robinson Cardona Arboleda he was married and He had been in the National Police for 18 years.

For his good performance he received 42 congratulations. Two months ago he was assigned to the Bolívar Police Department, and was transferred to the Norosí Police Station.

For its part, Patrolman Yehison Vásquez Martínez he was married and counted 14 years in the institution. Received 15 congratulations. He had been linked to the Bolívar Police for five years, and 10 months ago he was transferred to the Norosí Station.

Last september 7 in the mining area of ​​Los Cagüises, jurisdiction of the town of Monterrey, municipality of Simití, gunmen shot three civilians who traveled by motorcycle.

Six hours later in El Carmen de Bolívar gunmen shot four people in the Villa Flor neighborhood. The authorities captured three people in this case.


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