Arques Clinic, the center that demonstrates the potential of Responsible Aesthetic Medicine

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500,000 operations per year. That is the Spanish average of aesthetic interventions that are carried out annually. Not surprisingly, Spain is among the top fifteen countries that perform the most aesthetic operations annually. In other words, 2% of all aesthetic interventions carried out in the world take place on the bull hide of our geography.

We have a lot to say in this area, but also centers that we can boast about naturally. Being one of the nations in which there is more movement, it is not surprising that there are centers that can make a difference both nationally and internationally. One of the best examples, without a doubt, is the one in the center Arques Clinic. An aesthetic medicine clinic located in Marbella which has a very different premise from the rest: its methodology focuses on Responsible Aesthetic Medicine.

Pretty good premise, distributed among high-caliber professionals with the best equipment and the most modern techniques. Exemplary is, of course, not in vain recently received the award Luxury Advertising Awards for the Best Premium Aesthetics and Image Center. Awarded during the celebration of the Luxury Advertising Festival, this award only makes it clear that we are not talking about just any aesthetic center, but one of those that mark a before and after with its opening.

Award for the good work of a center run by the Doctor Mario Arques, a pioneer when it comes to wanting to carry out a different approach in relation to aesthetic medicine. Something that is clear from the first moment you take a look at his work. And, as we said before, responsible aesthetic medicine is what defines its philosophy, something that is accompanied by most avant-garde treatments that can be found in this sector.

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What is Responsible Aesthetic Medicine?

A concept that sounds quite rimbonbant on paper, but that when translated into reality is something that dictates the path to be followed in terms of interventions and operations or aesthetic treatments. The key to the responsible aesthetic medicine is that your goal is not to achieve the most spectacular results with every solution that is carried out. The priority here is the well-being of the person undergoing treatment.

It does not matter what type of retouching is going to be done. A tattoo removal, lip augmentation or wrinkle removal. It does not matter what is pursued, because the team always strives to give the best of itself for the satisfaction, comfort, safety and, ultimately, well-being of the patient. In fact, as part of this methodology, the search for the most natural results plays an especially important role.

This is precisely why, among other things, Arques Clinic has also won an award for being the first center in Spain in terms of long-term resorbable collagen treatments. Thanks to this proposal, patients who pass through their hands can enjoy biolifting without the need for surgery. Something that, in addition to rejuvenating, provides a greater naturalness to the face.

Something important is that responsible aesthetic medicine is something that can extend beyond the center. This clinic has shown it well through its different actions of corporate social responsibility. It is not a strategy that is often seen in the sector, but Arques has decided to carry it out to fully adhere to its philosophy. Thanks to that, has carried out numerous actions in other sectors to help others.

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Initiatives to develop children’s projects, you help Animal protectors, strategies to help the most disadvantaged in general. These are just some of the proposals that this center has carried out outside of its scope, although, also looking more closely at this, we must not leave behind actions such as aid to women who have suffered breast cancer, both through his surgeries and offering psychological support.

Its implication in this sense is maximum. They want each person who passes through their hands to be able to enjoy life more, to be entitled to the solutions they deserve, to be happy and confident. You just have to see that they even offer free treatments to women who have had breast cancer. If they cannot afford them financially, they do their bit so that they can move forward with all possible facilities.

Solutions for everyone

The Arques Clinic methodology is characterized because, in addition to distilling that responsibility that defines them, it always starts from the maximum adaptation to each person. All the equipment that turns in each case always starts from the same point: a totally free client assessment and diagnosis session. From there, and based on the needs of this, they determine what is the best method to follow, what are the available options and, of course, what will be the final result.

They always look for the most suitable solution for each person, since their priority is precisely satisfaction, together with maximum well-being. For this, they do not hesitate to resort to the most modern technology and the most innovative techniques. Mesotherapy treatments, 4D lifting, its characteristic Arques Lift, anti-cellulite solutions or to end excessive sweating. Their fronts are very broad, and in all of them they bet on using the most advanced solutions.

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All this, from the hand of a team always close and dedicated to the maximum with each patient. A good aesthetic treatment begins the moment the patient walks through the doors of the center to find out. From that moment, the best service must be offered with absolute availability. And, without a doubt, that is something that is never lacking at Arques Clinic.

Highly trained professionals, always able to offer the best treatment to make their patients feel at home. All of them captained by the Doctor Mario Arques, a medical professional with More than 25 years of experience. Someone who began practicing in the Public Health Service and has ended up directing the most avant-garde and responsible aesthetic medicine center in the country.

Beauty and health go hand in hand, and that makes the work of Arques Clinic even more interesting. The entire team at this aesthetic clinic knows that balance is the key to happiness, and is in charge of giving everything to ensure that people who leave their facilities not only look better, but also feel better. They help those who come to their center, also those who need it most. Their service, of course, is impeccable.

As well as his career. Since it opened its doors, Arques Clinic has done nothing but exceed the expectations of all the people who have placed their trust in the center, its professionals and its techniques. The results are obvious because, not only do they make people feel more beautiful, they also make feel much more comfortable with him.

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