Arrested for killing three friends in a Florida lake

At the press conference to announce the arrests, Judd said Tony’s brother William Robert Wiggins, 21, and his girlfriend Mary Whittemore, 27, were also arrested.

All three people are accused of shooting and hitting Damion Tillman, 23; Keven Springfield, 30; and Brandon Rollins, 27, on Friday night, July 17, when they met on a remote boat ramp on Lake Streety, about 170 miles north of Miami.

Judd, who has worked at the agency since 1972, called the crime scene “horrible” and described the deaths as a “massacre.” He said the men were beaten and “shot”.

“I have been to many murder scenes in my life, and this is among the worst,” Judd had said Saturday.

According to the sheriff, Tillman I was in a Dollar General store in the area and mentioned that he would meet his friends to go fishing in the lake. The store clerk then told investigators that the suspects were in the store and heard Tillman saying that he was meeting with his friends.

Judd said Tony Wiggins told his brother to drive down to the lake. Once there, Tony Wiggins confronted Springfield, accusing him of stealing his truck and selling the engine. Judd said investigators have not yet determined whether that allegation is true.

The brother told detectives that Tony Wiggins was the one who shot all three victims and then asked him to help put Tillman in the back of a truck.

The sheriff said the three arrested then went to a McDonald’s and ordered 10 double cheeseburgers and two chicken sandwiches.

When the attackers left, Rollins was still alive, Sheriff Judd confirmed. The 21-year-old boy was able to call his father for help. The father arrived about 10 minutes later, but in despair at what had happened, he forgot his cell phone and went to a convenience store to ask for help.

When help arrived on the scene, her son was dead.

Detectives received some leads on the case and obtained videos from the store. During a search warrant at the suspects’ homes, investigators found a weapon that killed the victims, the Sheriff said.

Tony Wiggins is charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His brother and girlfriend are accused of helping him after the fact.


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