Arthur demolished, in mourning, he mourns the death of his lifelong accomplice!

Arthur is not used to being sad. And yet, the fate persists since it deprives him of one of his best friends. We tell you everything!

Arthur inconsolable!

How to forget it?

In the early hours of 2021, everyone thought the coronavirus was going to give us a bit of a break. Indeed, in 2020, we have spent horrible times depriving ourselves of all contact with our loved ones. Alas, the more time passes, the more we discover that Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc. Worse, despite the arrival of the vaccine, it will be necessary to be patient before being able to make the two injections. For Arthur, the hour is sorrow. The announcement of the death of David Zaoui seems to be a heartbreak for the star presenter of TF1.

Anxious to pay homage to him, Arthur will therefore tell of the complicity and friendship that bound him to the rabbi of Neuilly-sur-Seine. He begins his speech to his followers by thanking Heaven for having crossed the path of this religious not like the others. So he tells us that he was a amazing man ” then he addresses all those who mourn his disappearance “How lucky we were to know him”! Father of six children, the deceased leaves behind the community of this town of Hauts de Seine at worst. Always smiling, the latter communicated his “jgoose to live”To others with real simplicity. There is no doubt that he will leave a great void in the life of the host of On Friday, everything is allowed ! He will then share an incredible memory with his fans.

Forever engraved in his heart!

When Footix sees the photo above, it is found to be proof of an unwavering friendship. Arthur cannot convince himself that David Zaoui is no longer there. So as for conjurer fate, he tells us this confidence “But how many laughs David when you showed up in disguise at the office with your bottle of boukha. That you flooded the table with sweets. We sang, we laughed so much ” For information, the beverage he talks about is a specialty made up mainly of figs. It is drunk as an aperitif and especially ice cold.

Footix suspects that anecdotes like that, Arthur would have thousands to tell. For now, he will support his loved ones as best he can and will continue to talk about the memory of his friend who left much too early. As for his sentence, he is not the only one in the feel since even Kev Adams remembers this extraordinary man. The editorial staff wish those who remain much courage. The hardest part remains to be done: singing his praises while continuing to spread his message of benevolence towards his neighbor. Rest in peace !

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