assaulted and disfigured, she shows the photos!

For the former contender Charlotte, the year 2021 is not starting well! This candidate for season 15 has indeed unveiled photos of her plastered face following an assault. She says she has a broken nose!

Ready-to-wear saleswoman, Charlotte love is in the meadow fell in love with Laurent, the Norman breeder of season 15. The speed dating went well. Charlotte de amour is in the meadow and Laurent then became a couple for three months. But at the time of the balance sheet, the 30-year-old mother did the farmer wrong. It was last December 14 and Laurent still regrets it. “She left. I didn’t tell her to leave, but I didn’t hold her back either. ”, he explained. “I think it was difficult. I have a lot of admiration for the courage she had. We were so different… We’ve been together for three months. She needed to have me with her, but I was not always there ”, he had indeed declared in front of the cameras of M6.

“A new apartment. A broken nose .. And we are only January 12th. ”

A few weeks later, Internet users were surprised to discover Charlotte’s post of love is in the meadow on Instagram, dated January 12. “Time to turn the page, to put an end to it. A new start, a new year. 2020 a year that I will never forget .. ”, she begins by captioning. “A very intense multi-month adventure. @adpm6 @ m6officiel We erase everything, and 2021 is here. 30 years old .. A new apartment. A broken nose .. And it’s January 12th. It still promises to be very eventful this year. ???? But beautiful things await us I know.

Source : Instagram @char_lottecmbz

Fortunately, Charlotte love is in the meadow has been able to count on the support of many Internet users. “Have a good recovery and especially a happy new year 2021 to get off to a good start ”,“ You were my favorite of the whole last season! You are authentic and frank, in short, I love it ”, You will have the opportunity to roll yourself again in the straw with these endless laughter and that the future can sometimes hold surprises. Happy New Year 2021 ”, could we read among the comments.

Love is in the meadow : “I am outraged by what happened to you. ”

If she did not give more details about her attack, members of her community did not hide their indignation at such an act of violence. Within the editorial staff of LDpeople, this physical violence also gave us shivers. “Good recovery and I hope the person who did this to you will be punished as they deserve”For example lamented a user. Another also commented: “I’m outraged by what happened to you how can we do this? You are beautiful, young and full of life. You were my favorite candidate of love is in the meadow ???? stay strong and take care of yourself. ”, He added.

Source : Instagram @char_lottecmbz

In a Story, the beautiful brunette of love is in the meadow then wanted to clarify that her plaster was just used to repair her fracture. “To avoid misunderstandings, I did not do cosmetic rhinoplasty. A week ago, I suffered an assault with a broken nose, hence my surgical repair.

In any case, all the messages she received still cheered her up. “A big thank you to all for your messages. I’m fine, in a few days it will be forgotten. A thousand kisses.” Hang in there Charlotte, the year has just started!

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