Technology Asteroid that can destroy planets approaches Earth

Asteroid that can destroy planets approaches Earth


An asteroid with the ability to destroy planets approaches Earth.

NASA confirmed that the asteroid 2002 PZ39 It would pass near the planet this February 15. The space rock has a diameter between 1,443 and 3,248 feet. It moves at 34,000 miles per hour.

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The US space agency lists the object as “Potentially Dangerous Asteroid.” If it hit Earth, it would create a “Nuclear winter of many years”.

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World News :

However, NASA itself said there is nothing to fear since the 2002 PZ39 will pass about 3.6 million miles from the planet, that means at a distance 15 times greater than that between the moon and the Earth.

So there is nothing to worry about, this Valentine will not be the last one celebrated in life.



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