at her wedding she met the love of her life

Ricardo Montaner celebrated 32 years of marriage with Marlene Rodríguez, mother of his children Mau, Ricky and Evaluna. He met her the day he was getting married.

Ricardo Montaner celebrated 32 years of marriage with Marlene Rodríguez.  He met her on her wedding day.

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Ricardo Montaner celebrated 32 years of marriage with Marlene Rodríguez. He met her on her wedding day.

The singer-songwriter celebrated 32 years of marriage with Marlene Rodríguez. Still in love like the first day. (instagram /)

¨Today 32 years ago, I married this candy. I’ve already done it 6 times, we choose each other every 5 years over and over again. I love every part of it ”. With this message in love, Ricardo Montaner celebrated, on social networks, a new anniversary with Marlene Rodríguez Miranda, the woman he fell in love with 35 years ago, the mother of his children Ricky, Mau and Evaluna. Montaner’s secret to keep the flame of love burning after so many years, and to enjoy his wife’s love every day, he always shares with his followers, and he does not hesitate to say it once more, in this, his celebration of love. ¨Today we have more projects than ever, to continue together as far as God wants to take us. Loving each other as if there was no other way out. Drink from the same glass every drink of this wonderful life that God gave us. His wife, the first is to listen to each one of his songs, his companion on trips and who he always makes laugh, replied: ¨ I praise God with gratitude for you, for having made me your rib. I love you dad.

In an interview with Don Francisco, the singer-songwriter born in Argentina, but nationalized Venezuelan, Dominican and Colombian, shared the particular way he met his wife: the day she was getting married. “I went to the wedding invited by his brother. I had released my first album and Rodolfo invited us to go to his sister’s wedding. When I arrived Marlene welcomed me, I met her again months later and we fell madly in love ”. For a time, Ricardo and Marlene, who was already separated, worked together, as she is the producer of their videos. Love was emerging little by little, until they decided to unite their lives on August 26, 1989, on the Puerto de La Cruz beach in Venezuela.

Every 5 years, exactly on the date they got married, Ricardo and Marlene renew their vows. The last time they did it in Greece, with their family as a witness of their love. On that occasion, the interpreter of Tan enamorados wrote; “Today we remarried, it was the sixth time, I was as excited or more than the first, why is it? I have taken this ceremony so seriously that I spent it crying. I recognize myself more in love than ever and I propose make her even happier. I believe in marriage and in it forever. “His were his accomplices of love.” Our children prepared the ceremony, improvised a bouquet with some flowers that were laid down and each one read a verse. To be able to be together It has been a gift from God, ”Marlene wrote on Instagram.

The couple have already decided the place where they will celebrate the next time: India.

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