At the Château de La Vallière, the start-up incubator revolts heritage lovers

The owner of the Château de La Vallière (Indre-et-Loire) wants to build new technology research offices on his protected estate. Eric Sander, Da Vinci Labs

SURVEY – Can we build a 4000 square meter laboratory within the registered and protected domain of the mistress of Louis XIV? Stéphane Bern denounces a “national scandal”.

A dark cloud of quantum atoms hangs over the former domain of a mistress of Louis XIV. The castle park, where Madame de La Vallière grew up, could soon become a temple of new technologies. But the project divides locally. And it petrifies too Stéphane Bern. “It is a real public scandal to denature a historic site in this way and to endanger biodiversity at the same time”, gets carried away the defender of the heritage by discovering these last days the development project. The story begins in 2018, when Xavier Aubry, a former veterinarian turned entrepreneur in Switzerland, offers his wife this “country house”, located about twenty kilometers east of Tours.

“Initially, we thought of making a small bed & breakfast unpretentious, but in the end we were able to put more resources into the rehabilitation of this 16th century estate.e century”, rejoices Xavier Aubry. His wife Mira Grebenstein seeks decorator Jacques Garcia to transform the…

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