At the Eole Factory Festival, brass and wind instruments are at the party

Saturday September 19, stage of the Tonnelle, Eole Factory Festival, do not miss – between the Cuban Joel Hierrezuelo and the Caribop orchestra – the astonishing, funny, musically irreproachable group, Les Bons Becs: clarinets (Florent Héau, Eric Baret, Yves Jeanne), basset horn (Laurent Bienvenu), drums (Bruno Desmouillières). Instrumentalists recognized by their peers, skipping school.

Their program? From Rossini to Michael Jackson. Very serious, but knowing how to leave the spirit of seriousness, Les Bons Becs is one of those classics, more and more numerous, to blow a wind of madness. Founder with Florent Héau of the group, Eric Baret has been, for twenty-seven years, a “tester” at the specialist in the manufacture of wind instruments Buffet Crampon: “It was Michel Arrignon, my teacher in Paris, clarinetist and test taker at Buffet, who advised the director at the time, for my hiring for this position. I have learned everything from the skilled workers who have placed their trust in me over the years. “

How easy is it to personalize series instruments produced piece by piece, according to the mind or the performer? ” No ! A lot of doubts at first, but I must admit that with now twenty-seven years of experience, I am much more serene in my work. “ In the workshops, everyone is very calm at their post, concentrated, not a word higher than the other …

Perfect continuity

Impression of perfect continuity: from raw wood (ebony, but also boxwood, or African mopane) to the artist. “My role is to guarantee the quality of the instruments that come out of production. The team of artists around me allows me to validate and select clarinets with their own artistic criteria ”, explains Eric Baret.

Paul Meyer (international soloist) and Michel Arrignon (professor at the conservatory) are also his invaluable supports. Just like Martin Fröst, specialist in the Mozart concerto, youthful air and silhouette of a dancer, present this day of visit: “In addition to the fitting, continues Baret, I have an important part devoted to research, with Martin Fröst, in order to bring changes or to present new models. “

Here, at the legendary rue Maurice-Berteaux in Mantes-la-Jolie, it is not uncommon for an interpreter to come during the day to check his instrument.

Here, at the legendary rue Maurice-Berteaux in Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines), it is not uncommon for a performer, first clarinetist of the San Diego Philharmonic, to come during the day to check his instrument. In the workshops, watchmaker’s gestures or goldsmith’s precautions, all reaching out to “The Buffet Crampon spirit – excellence, tradition, know-how, passion, innovation -“, work smoothly. Ditto with the prestigious neighbor Selmer.

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