Auto insurance: UFC-Que Choisir calls on customers to ask for rate cuts

A “smoke” of automobile insurers. This is what denounces the consumer defense association UFC-Que Choisir in a press release published this Tuesday. It calls on consumers to ask their insurer for a reduction in their auto and motorcycle insurance premiums to benefit from the reduction in accidents in 2020, a consequence of successive episodes of confinement.

During the summer, the association had already made a similar appeal on the basis of the following reasoning: road traffic fell at the beginning of the year following the confinement imposed since mid-March to fight against the spread of the Covid -19. Car and motorcycle accidents have therefore drastically decreased, in turn reducing the compensation that insurers must pay.

“Our initial estimate of an annual saving for the sector of 2.2 billion euros […] is perfectly supported by the facts, since even before the second confinement, road accidents have already fallen by 14% over the year as a whole, ”says the association.

A standard mail to download

Based on this observation, “the association demands the restitution of the overpayment to the policyholders and calls on them to bring competition into play.” The association offers a standard letter on its site that consumers can download and send to their insurer in an attempt to obtain a reduction in their premium.

All the more so, adds the UFC-Que Choisir, that certain companies “which have officially not retroceded a cent to their customers” do not hesitate to agree to “heavy expenses” to try to attract potential new policyholders.

“Insurers are quite capable of offering rebates. They just don’t pass it on to their loyal customers. They are reserved for prospects, ”she denounces.

In this context, the association “requires insurers and their federation […] a strict tariff moderation of 2021 contributions. And in the absence of action on their part, it urges the public authorities to impose it ”.

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