Baby with heart disease dies of mold in hospital after open heart surgery

Beth’s HLHS trip, Facebook

A baby with severe heart disease has died after getting a mold infection in the operating room of a Seattle hospital, her mother says.

Elizabeth Hutt was born with a heart condition that she struggled with throughout her six-month life. The young child underwent open heart surgery three times. After the third operation, an Aspergillus mold infection is said to have occurred in the operating room of the hospital.

Her mother, Katha Hutt, announced in a Facebook post that her daughter died in the Seattle Children’s Hospital early Wednesday morning.

“Elizabeth Vera Hutt won her wings at 4:40 a.m. on her 175th day of life. Last night Beth told us that she was ready,” wrote Mrs. Hutt.

“I cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have for the team that worked through the night to ensure that Beth’s transition was as painless and smooth as possible. We will post when we have had the opportunity to make plans to celebrate our brave, brave. ” , handsome warrior. “

The mold in the operating rooms of the hospital was first discovered in November, around the same time as the child’s third operation.

Ms. Hutt created a Facebook page titled Beth’s HLHS Trip to keep people updated on her daughter’s condition during her operations. In January, she announced that her daughter was fighting an infection that surprised her doctors.

The infection was later found to be caused by the mold, which was discovered in three of the hospital’s 14 operating rooms in November. The mold came from the hospital’s ventilation equipment in the operating rooms, and 14 patients have developed mold infections since 2001, the hospital said. Seven of these 14 children have since died of their infections.

“I will always ask myself whether there would have been various interventions that could have taken place if the Aspergillus hadn’t been there,” said Ms. Hutt.

Aspergillus is a common form that is typically present in the air that people breathe. It doesn’t usually cause someone to get sick, but it can be harmful for people who lack a strong immune system or for those who are surgical patients.

Ms. Hutt and her husband Micah Hutt told WBTV they knew about the Aspergillus problems at the hospital in 2018, but chose the location for their daughter because of the quality of the doctors and medical staff at the facility.

At the time, the parents thought the mold problem was solved.

They joined a class action lawsuit against Seattle Children’s Hospital in January, alleging that facility managers have known about the mold since 2005 and have failed to resolve the problem.

The hospital has currently closed 11 of its 14 operating rooms due to the installation of new HEPA filter units. The other three operating theaters received the new air units and are open for use.

Seattle Children’s Hospital responded to the baby’s death: “Losing a child is incredibly devastating to anyone whose life has been touched by that child. Our condolences go out to families and loved ones who have suffered a loss.”

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