Back to school: the Hamelin group, European leader in stationery, is doing well!

This Thursday is the start of the school year. And we discover that, contrary to popular belief, paper and manual note-taking are doing better than ever. This is evidenced by the Hamelin group, based in Caen (Calvados), and today the European leader in stationery. “The market is stable in volume. It is therefore absolutely not abused by digital. Better still, thanks to product innovations, the value of this market is even today increasing by 5%! », Rejoices Martial Ardant, CEO of the group.

Taking notes on paper allows better memorization!

The computer therefore does not kill paper in the classroom. There are several explanations for this … Various reports have noted, for example, the failure of tablets in kindergartens where they have been tested. Younger people do not always adopt them so easily. And above all, these tablets are often too fragile and expensive in this context. “As for schoolchildren and students, we realize that they remain very attached to classic note-taking. Several European studies prove them right: the rate of memorization of knowledge is clearly better when note taking is done on paper ”, further details Martial Ardant.

The two worlds are moreover less and less hermetic since different tools now make it possible to digitize note-taking on paper. In other words, the pupil or the student can now take his notes during the lesson, then return home, and on the model of the scan, digitize his notes for his revisions or his archiving.

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