Baizhu’s gameplay shows great potential

A gameplay of Baizhu has leaked, showing the great potential of the character that will be released in the next update of Geshin Impact. He has already been officially confirmed by HoYoverse to debut in Update 3.6 and will arrive alongside Kaveh. Now, with the leaked video, we could check Baizhu’s efficiency in teams based on the “Propagation” reaction, which occurs when using the Dendro and Electro elements.

Reactions between elements in Genshin Impact can generate a variety of effects, from increasing damage to immobilizing enemies. With the addition of the Dendro element in Genshin Impact 3.0, the game saw a big change in the way battles can take place, as several new reactions appeared, including the “spread” one, which occurs when uniting the Dendro and Electro elements.

Genshin Impact 3.6: Baizhu’s gameplay shows great potential

Baizhu character has gameplay revealed with battle being fought. Source: HoYoverse

A recent leak by Baizhu on the Genshin Imapct Leaks subreddit revealed gameplay showing a “spread” reaction-based team (Dendro + Electro), which deals Dendro damage to enemies affected by Haste Aura. This reaction can significantly boost the next attacks infused by Dendro.

The team shown in the gameplay video consisted of three Dendro characters (Baizhu, Nahida and Alhaitham) and one Electro character (Yae Miko). Yae has the function of applying as much Electro as possible through her Elemental Skill Sesshou Sakura, which allows the character to deploy up to three Electro totems that deal damage even when she is switched.

Some players claim that Baizhu seems to handle teams well with at least two Dendro characters. Previously, leaks said that his main role would be that of a healer, which makes a lot of sense as the character is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Apparently, there is a great synergy between Baizhu and Nahida, the archon Dendro, ruler of Sumeru.

The main DPS character on the gameplay team is sword-wielding Alhaitham, who seems to perform excellently when fighting alongside characters who share the same element.

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