BAM: A new dashboard on bank account statistics

Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) enriches its statistical publications by disseminating a new dashboard (TdB) on “bank account statistics”.

In addition to detailed information on bank accounts (type of account, nature, etc.), the TdB provides several breakdowns on the banked population (age, gender, number of people who opened an account for the first time, etc.) and on the indicator monitoring of banking services in Morocco “rate of holding of bank accounts”, indicates BAM in a press release. The new document is defined, in accordance with international best practices, as the ratio between the number of people residing in Morocco with at least one active bank account and the adult resident population (aged 15 years and over), specifies BAM.

The TdB is published every six months and can be consulted on the Internet portal of Bank Al-Maghrib under the heading: “Publications, Statistics and Research” – “Information and statistics documents”. Note that a reference document explaining the methodological aspects of compiling these statistics is also available under the same section, concludes the press release.


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