Ban on oil-fired boilers: “To change, I have to borrow 12,500 euros”

Paul Lessana turns the problem all over the place. The nodes in the brain multiply, and the solution never comes. “I’m stuck, I don’t know how to do it! I am in the dark, it is the most complete expectation… ”he breathes. The pensioner, aged 78, thought about getting rid of his buried tank and his fuel boiler by January 1, 2022, which he has been using for nearly thirty years in his pavilion in Marennes (Rhône), a small village in the region of Lyon.

For the past few weeks, he has been studying all the financing possibilities, analyzing the quotes, prospecting the different boilers and their prices. Paul always comes to the same conclusion: “I can’t change, I can’t find a solution. A company, which the retiree knows well, established an estimate of just over 15,000 euros to dismantle the existing boiler and install a new one. According to his estimates, he would only be entitled to around 2,500 euros in state aid.

His pension of 2,800 euros is insufficient

Paul “obviously does not”, he says, have the means to invest such a sum of money. Despite a generous pension of 2,800 euros net, the result of a career in importing textiles, the retiree seems distraught. “I am between two waters… I am not precarious enough, and at the same time, I do not have the impression of being someone who has a lot of means, he laments. I feel totally excluded. I have the feeling that the state forces us to do things without thinking. It’s too polluting, okay! But the State must take into account all the parameters and think of all the possible scenarios. “

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The retiree therefore turned to credit organizations. Again, it gets stuck. Sofinco asked him to bring, at a minimum, 3000 euros of liquidity to obtain a loan. “I don’t have them,” Paul laments. My retirement is eaten away by fixed costs, a loan for the renovation of the house that I continue to pay, my property tax, my housing tax… I have to eat! As for conventional banks, he fears that they will refuse, given his age. “At 78, who will be able to accept that I borrow 12,500 euros? “

“By 2022, maybe there will be more aid?”

Faced with this cul-de-sac, Paul decided to wait, with the hope that “everything will change again” in the months to come, and that a solution will emerge. “With the Covid, and by 2022, maybe there will be more help, who knows?” He hopes. Right now, I cannot change my boiler, nor get rid of my tank. I thought of town gas, but we are not equipped in my street, it is a small village. “

If he could afford it, Paul would go for a forced-air boiler, rather than a “very expensive” pellet boiler. The retiree, who no longer feels “very fit”, believes that he could not “carry the bags of granule and fill it regularly”. Annoyed, he concludes: “Really, this boiler story only brings me problems and unanswered questions. “

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