bangkok woman: resentment at ending a love affair; Woman burns bike worth Rs 23 lakh as gift – woman gets revenge on ex boyfriend viral video from Bangkok

Bangkok: A young woman set fire to a bike she had given as a gift to avenge her ex-boyfriend. Kanok Van, a 36 – year – old Bangkok resident, set fire to a bike worth Rs 23 lakh, which was gifted to her ex – boyfriend. Scenes of a young woman entering the parking area of ​​a school building and setting her bike on fire are going viral on social media.

Petrol was set on fire

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The meeting was reportedly held in Bangkok last Monday. According to the English news channel Times Now, the girl decided to take revenge after her ex-boyfriend refused to reunite. The woman reached the parking area and poured petrol on her ex-boyfriend’s bike and set it on fire. The video shows the woman leaving the scene after the fire broke out and then getting into the car. The fire broke out but no one was reported burnt. But about six nearby bikes also caught fire. The fire was put out by the fire force.

The big accident was avoided

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“The fire was reported on the third floor of the parking lot inside the Srinagar Virode University Presbyterian Demonstration School, which was also connected to the elementary school building.

Trapped in CCTV

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Canok’s ex – boyfriend’s bike was completely destroyed by fire, but firefighters were able to contain the blaze. Later, when the police checked the CCTV cameras, they got the footage of the woman setting fire to the bike. It turned out that this was the ex-girlfriend of a school employee. They were arrested on Wednesday.

Bike burning video


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