Bankruptcy of Sacha and Manfield shoe stores: 140 jobs threatened

The bankruptcy of Mayfair International Shoefashion, the company that has the Sacha (13 in Belgium) and Manfield (four) shoe stores, dates back to July 14.

“The retail market has already suffered for several years, put under pressure by e-commerce,” reacts Cecile Termeer of the group of the same name. “The footwear sector is one of the most affected. In addition, the crisis related to the novel coronavirus has led to an in-depth examination of the cost structures of physical activities in retail. ”

According to the Termeer group, an agreement in principle was reached three days after the bankruptcy with the curators on a possible restart via the shareholders. Sacha and Manfield could therefore remain active in Belgium.

Stores in the Netherlands are not affected, as are e-shops. The Sissy-Boy fashion brands, also belonging to the Termeer group, are on the other hand also bankrupt.


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