Bárbara Blanco spoke about the intern between her father and Milito

Since it broke out the intern between Diego Milito and some leaders, including Victor Blanco, the president was the first to drop a few words about it. Brief, but words at last. “I will meet with Milito tomorrow or the day after,” the club’s boss had said on Thursday, when he arrived at the Atlético Tucumán stadium with the squad. That meeting has not yet taken place, but Bárbara Blanco, a member of the executive committee, is confident that it will exist in pursuit of which Milito and his father reconcile for Racing. That meeting could take place this Monday, during the concentration of the squad waiting for Tuesday’s game against Flamengo, in the first leg for the second round of the Copa Libertadores.

“My dad and Milito have not had a talk yet. I did not discuss the matter with him because we are very focused on the game with Flamengo. They will surely speak and resolve things as two good people that they are,” said the club secretary in declarations to Club 947 (@ 947FMRadio), in the midst of a general silence that prevails in almost all the leaders, as if they wanted to avoid muddying the field with some inconvenient statement.

Barbie also referred to Beccacece, whose continuity seems to depend on what happens in the series against Fla: “Diego (Milito) has chosen him and he will know how Sebastián’s situation will continue. I have noticed that he has significant support.”

Víctor Blanco is seen in a bad mood due to the conflict with Milito in Racing

Meanwhile, from the inner circle of Víctor Blanco they assure that he is very emotionally affected by this conflict that dates back a long time. The weather reached the peak of maximum tension last Sunday, when the manager found out that the owner of the club went to training (to talk to the DT) accompanied by Adrián Fernandez, president of Racing’s amateur football and a man very at odds with him. The prince. The technical secretary took this as a strong rejection of him from Blanco and, a few hours later, made known (through his relatives) his idea of ​​taking a step aside at the end of the year.

Racing, Blanco, Milito.
White is down. I did not expect this intern to come to light shortly after a momentous series against Flamengo.

“He is tired, he feels that they push him to leave. There have already been wear and tear maneuvers,” they told Racing de Alma from the former forward’s side, He is also annoyed by considering that some of the players he pointed out as possible reinforcements fell in the markets.

Turn on friday It came to light that Blanco is seriously considering not running for election if the manager actually leaves the institution. Today in the club the leaders are convinced that only a hand-to-hand talk between Blanco and Milito could end the differences. However, It is possible that the manager asks, in exchange for remaining at the club, that Fernández no longer occupies a position related to amateur or professional football. And in that case, if he runs in the elections, Blanco will have to choose.

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