Barça suffer in the Champions League but win against the group’s cinderella (0-2)

BarcelonaJonatan Giráldez’s Barça was about to suffer the first scare of the season. Barça were beaten in the first half by a new HB Koge in the Champions League and only one goal from Rolfö in the second half and a penalty converted by Jenni Hermoso prevented the defeat on Danish soil (0-2). Full of victories after the first two games in the Champions League, but the sensations have left footballers and staff, who have paid for rotations in alignment and poor organization on the turf.

The beginning of the match has been an exchange of blows. First Carusa for the Koge and then Barça’s Graham Hansen tried to revolutionize the match in the first minutes, but neither of them managed to fit the ball between the three posts. After the first chances, the players of the Danish team cheered and, in front of an unprecedented Catalan defense, took the opportunity to put the visiting team against the ropes. The group’s cinderella has started the match looking into the eyes of the current European champions, without complexes or considerations.

The Koge has surprised by postulating as favorites to advance on the scoreboard. The forcefulness in attack of the Danes has displaced the azulgranas, that, badly placed and with the unclear marks, have gone to tow in the first minutes of the party. A loss of Melanie in the three-quarter zone resulted in a double chance for Pokorny and Fitzgerald, who shot into an empty net before Pereira appeared and deflected the ball. Still with a heart attack, Barça have tried to regroup and implement the superiority expected of the champions against a team that is training in the Champions League this year.

First part to forget

The set led by Jonatan Giráldez has had a lot of difficulty connecting lines. With an unusual lineup, with most reserve footballers, the Catalans have not been found on the field. The defense and the midfield have not been able to contact fluently with the most advanced forwards and the Koge has managed to take advantage of the mess to send balls to the back of the defense and generate up to six chances to score in the first half. Arsenal, the first rivals this season in the Champions League, generated just five in the ninety minutes. Against all odds, both sets have marched into the locker room with a draw at zero.

In the second half, Giráldez tried to reverse the situation with the entry of Mapi León, Aitana Bonmatí and Patri Guijarro. The Aragonese defense, in the first minutes on the green, collided head-on with Pokorny and was lying on the pitch covering his face with signs of pain. Attendances came in quickly to attend to Leon, who was unable to stop the nosebleed. She was finally able to return to the pitch moments before Frida Rolfö made her debut as a top scorer in European competition with Barça. Following a cross from Lieke Martens, the Swede, located in the second post, started the score in favor of the Catalans in the 60th minute.

With 1-0 on the scoreboard, Barça have finally managed to seize the ball. And with control, the fluid combinations between the players have arrived, but without clear goal opportunities. From the eleven meters the final 0-2 has arrived. Jenni Hermoso scored her first goal of the season after being struck inside the area in added time.

The sensations have not been good and the instability in defense and the lack of forcefulness and combinations are reminiscent of Barça a few seasons ago. The match against Koge was the poisoned apple that was about to cost the first painful scare of the season for Barça in Europe.


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