world Bars and restaurants in Tokyo will have to close...

Bars and restaurants in Tokyo will have to close at eight in the afternoon


The bars and restaurants in Tokyo will have to close their doors at eight in the afternoon, as part of the measures announced today to comply with the special provisions adopted to prevent a further extension of COVID-19.

The order is part of the measures announced by the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, in a press conference called to announce the restrictions that will be from this Saturday as part of the state of emergency approved on Tuesday by the central government.

Koike, who appeared before journalists covered with a mask, announced that alcohol can only be served in bars and restaurants until 7:00 p.m., and everyone will have to close their doors an hour later.

The governor of Tokyo explained that, from next midnight, restaurants and bars will be able to open their doors from five in the morning until 20:00, but after that time they will close to comply with the request to avoid going to those places, where personal contact is very close.

That provision and others announced by Koike are part of the measures coordinated with the Shinzo Abe government after the health alert was announced to deal with an upturn in coronavirus cases in Japan, especially in the capital.

“As Prime Minister Abe said, we must reduce contact between people,” said Koike.

Tokyo, a city of 14 million people, registered this Thursday 181 new cases of coronavirus contagion, up to a cumulative total of 1,519 people, with an incidence that has skyrocketed in recent days.

Koike had been pressing the Abe government to approve the declaration of a state of emergency, equivalent to a state of health alert, and in the end it was approved for the capital’s prefecture and six others, the most affected by COVID-19.

According to the latest official balance, across Japan the pandemic has affected some 5,300 people, with 121 dead.

At his press conference, Koike said Tokyo stores where basic necessities are sold will remain open regularly.

“There is no need to store food and medical products, no problem,” he stressed, while insisting on the need to promote remote work and stay home if it is not necessary to leave.

Schools and universities, as well as sports and mass event sites, theaters, museums, gyms, game rooms and shops that do not sell essential items, will be kept closed, all to avoid crowding.

He also anticipated that the affected businesses will receive compensation of half a million yen (4,216 euros / 4,612 dollars), and if it is a chain with more than two stores, the compensation will be double.

In principle, the state of emergency or health alert will be in force until May 6. In addition to Tokyo, other prefectures bordering the metropolitan area and several where COVID-19 has especially affected have been affected. .


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