Because of Corona: These 6 diseases scare Germans!

19.11.2020 – 10:00

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Because of Corona: These diseases make Germans much more afraid!

That is why the AHA + L + C formula protects

That is why the AHA + L + C formula protects

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The corona pandemic worries people on many levels. But Covid-19 is not the disease that worries the German population most. DAK-Gesundheit announced this based on a survey.

Are you afraid of contracting the coronavirus and a potentially severe course? Then you belong to the third of the German citizens who currently fear to be infected with the virus. But the fear of other diseases is much greater – Covid-19 is far behind. Nevertheless, it is noticeable in a year-on-year comparison: The fear of lung diseases is increasing. The Germans see the greatest threat in another type of disease: cancer.

Fear of illness in the ranking: These illnesses scare Germans most

According to the institute’s representative survey on October 29 and 30, 2020, around a third of the 1,003 men and women surveyed fear the coronavirus. For older people aged 60 and over, it is even every second. But the population has the greatest fear of cancer. 72 percent of those questioned stated that they saw the greatest danger here, followed by Alzheimer’s / dementia and accidents with serious injuries.

Although cardiovascular diseases are the most common fatal diseases in Germany, only around half fear strokes (51 percent) and heart attacks (47 percent). Concern about these two diseases, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia, increases with age.

  1. Cancer (72 percent)
  2. Alzheimer’s / dementia (55 percent)
  3. Accident with serious injuries (55 percent)
  4. Stroke (51 percent)
  5. Heart attack (47 percent)
  6. Severe eye disease (45 percent)
  7. Covid-19 (37 percent)
  8. Mental illness (33 percent)
  9. Severe lung disease (32 percent)
  10. Diabetes (20 percent)
  11. STDs (12 percent)

For ten years now, the Forsa Institute has been questioning the population on the subject of fear of illness for DAK health. Cancer has been at the top of this for years.

Increased fear of lung disease

It is noticeable, however, that this year more people fear that they will suffer a lung disease, which could then have a negative impact on an infection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. Last year only 21 percent said they feared such an illness.

Also noticeable: The fear of Covid-19 decreases as the level of education increases. Every second person with a secondary school certificate worries about the still mysterious illness, whereas only every third person with a high school diploma is concerned. Women are a little more scared than men.

Women are more concerned about health

This also fits in with another result: According to the survey, women pay more attention to their health than men – they are more concerned with prevention, 73 percent of whom take part in cancer screening examinations. Only 47 percent of men do this. However, 80 percent of all respondents regularly exercise to prevent illness.

Overall, however, the respondents rated their state of health as good or very good (89 percent in total) – the younger they were, the healthier they felt.

Interesting: The proportion of non-smokers has increased compared to previous years – also in the course of the Corona-Pandemie: At that time it was an average of 67 percent of those questioned, now 74 percent said they did not smoke (any more).

By the way: A healthy fear of infection – whether it is Corona or something else – is completely natural and healthy. Because this concern helps us to take threats seriously and to protect ourselves (and others) from them accordingly. It has nothing to do with sheer panic. According to DAK and Forsa, eight percent of respondents see it differently: They do not observe the corona protection rules.

It is very simple:

More to Cardiovascula-Diseases and also Krebs you can find out on our topic pages.

Here the DAK study can be downloaded as a PDF.

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