before school starts, they get vaccinated at the supermarket


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V. Heurtel, France 3 Régions, L. Durlois

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Just over 48 million people received less than one dose of the vaccine, or 71.6% of the population. To encourage the French, in many shopping centers it is possible since this weekend to go shopping and get vaccinated.

To convince the undecided, it is now possible to get vaccinated while shopping and without making an appointment. Five days before the start of the school year, vaccination stands are set up in department stores. Everywhere in France, as in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), shopping centers have played the game since this weekend. “It’s easy, we can all go at the same time“, launches a father.

The goal of this operation is to get as close as possible to the populations, and shopping centers during this back-to-school period are the ideal place.“Says Thierry Cardouat, Haute-Garonne departmental director of ARS, in a shopping center in Toulouse. The operation, carried out in partnership with the health authorities, will continue every Saturday in September.

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