‘Being a book’, an exhibition with multiple readings

The photographer Julián Barón (in the center) gave different workshops that have resulted in ‘Being a book’. / Rocio Lopez

Exhibition in Zas

Zas hosts until April 10 a particular exhibition of books self-published by 17 Basque artists and developed in a workshop of the Viphoto festival

Ramon Albertus

Sheets of paper or similar material that when bound give rise to a book. The conception is so simple and is available to anyone. Despite the fact that many times the only idea that comes to mind when thinking about these volumes are the ones we have half-finished on the bedside table, on shelves or those in libraries and bookstores.

In ‘Ser libro’, almost twenty Basque artists exhibit until April 10 in Zas (Plaza de San Antón, 2) different “unique” books that have been made in an artisanal way, “hand by hand, with domestic impressions or made in the neighborhood copy shop”, comments Julián Barón, a photographer who has coordinated some workshops in recent weeks that have resulted in this exhibition. Ainhoa ​​Güemes, Aitziber Barriga, Ana Padró, Andrea Velasco, Ana García Hermoso, Arkaitz Saiz, Charo Ramírez, David Guerrero, Gaizka De Arbeloa, Josean Pablos, Maider Jiménez, Mikel Rivera, Raquel Meyers, Rocío López, Saúl Vara, Silvia Díez, Virginia González and Manuel Vargas.

«The way in which several of the books have been born comes from some exercises that I have been throwing at the group as provocations so that, from their structure, temporary conditions, disassembly of a book or any other premise have been resulting» , explains Barón, winner of an international award from the prestigious Magnum agency for his photographic book ‘CENSURA’. He highlights that during the four sessions held in Montehermoso and Zas, different multidisciplinary groups were formed that worked “different media such as photography, illustration, design, obsolete technologies…”. It was a “wonderful” and “intense” experience. The thread in common? Telling stories through posts and other artifacts.

Due to the variety of ‘Being a book’ they invite the viewer to have a good time browsing the works. «To immerse oneself in the hands, eyes, thoughts and hearts of the workshop participants, where they bring us closer to reading ourselves through the pages of books with words and images of the city of Vitoria and its circumstances». This collection of books can be seen on Thursdays and Fridays (7:30 pm to 9:00 pm) and Saturdays (11:30 am to 1:30 pm) in the cultural space that also exhibits ‘Cartografía Nebulosa’, by Miriam Isasi.

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