Belgian ski hiker dies in avalanche in Switzerland

GENEVA 12/30 (AFP / BELGA) =

A Belgian who went on a ski tour in the Swiss Valais (south) near Heremence was killed in an avalanche, the cantonal police announced on Wednesday.

The 50-year-old man was buried in the avalanche on Tuesday, but poor weather conditions did not allow rescue services to locate him until Wednesday, police said in a statement.

The man had left Tuesday with his wife for a ski tour in the Rentals area. Around noon, the woman interrupted the ascent and decided to go home alone. Not seeing her husband return, the wife called for help. Rescuers quickly discovered an avalanche 1,500 meters in length in the Rentettes sector which spanned a width of 740 meters, but were unable to locate the skier.

Rescue teams resumed their search on Wednesday and discovered the man at an altitude of 2,906 meters under the layer of snow, according to the statement.

Contacted Wednesday evening by the Belga agency, Belgian Foreign Affairs was unable to confirm the information.

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