Belgium is reconfiguring itself

This Friday, October 30, the consultation committee, bringing together the federal government and representatives of the federated entities, decided that all of Belgium would be re-defined from November 2.

Paris opened the ball and Brussels follows closely. This Friday, October 30, the consultation committee (the body that brings together the federal government and representatives of the governments of the federated entities) announced that Belgium was going to be re-defined, from November 2 until December 13. For the RTBF, the country follows “The example of its French neighbor” ; and, indeed, if we observe the details of the measures taken (which are listed by the Belgian French-speaking audiovisual site), the resemblance is obvious.

Like in France, “Non-essential stores will have to close, and teleworking remains compulsory where possible”, specifies the media, which then details the measures taken in relation to education, which differ from the French “model”:

The schools will remain closed until November 15 inclusive, the start of the school year scheduled for November 16. Secondary education will resume on a face-to-face / distance basis. For higher education, it will be remote until mid-December. ”

As for the curfew, “It will be maintained between midnight and 5 am”, note it RTBF. An almost obsolete measure, if we think that all bars and restaurants will be closed, that gatherings in public spaces will be limited to 4 people, and that we can only choose one person to return visit. It is also about the “federal” curfew, because since its entry into force, two of the three Belgian regions (Brussels and Wallonia) have decided to bring it forward to 10 pm on their territory.

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As the information site explains, all these measures “Constitute a common base, but the regions could be led to take other measures”. Even harsher provisions presupposes the RTBF, which would be justified by a health situation that the site describes as “catastrophic”:

Our country has the highest number of new confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants on average over fourteen days (i.e. 1,600 cases, more than double that of France) and the second highest death rate in Europe (more than 8 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days, behind the Czech Republic). The situation is therefore very critical. ”

In presenting the new government decisions, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has repeated it several times: “These are the faint hope measures.”


The Belgian Radio Television of the French Community (RTBF), a French-speaking public audiovisual group, is the heir to the National Broadcasting Institute, founded in 1930. This gave birth to Belgian Radio-Television in 1966 with


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