It’s official. Ben Brereton, attacker of Blackburn Rovers of the English Championship, he is already Chilean and will be able to play for La Roja who, until now, has been directed by the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda.

The English attacker emerged as an option for the ‘team of all’, and during the last weeks he completed his nationalization papers, so he is available if he is called up to the national team.

For those who don’t know him, Ben Brereton is a 21-year-old player, the son of an English father and a Chilean mother. He is currently playing for Blackburn Rovers and in 2018 he already showed his desire to play for Chile, As Chile reported.

“I am half Chilean. My mother is from Chile and my father from England. My classmates don’t believe me, but my mom came to England when she was young and ended up with my dad. That means I am eligible to play for Chile, right? ”He said.

Note that the player’s family made the news known through social networks.

In football terms, the attacker has played 15 games in the current English Championship season, with three goals and four assists.

Point out that he has not played since December 2 due to a knee injury.