Benjamin Griveaux arrives as a presenter on the economic channel B Smart

Benjamin Griveaux will come back to the limelight, but not the political one. The former government spokesperson will present a program on an economic news television channel, he announced in an interview with Sunday Newspaper. From September 18, he will host interviews in a monthly program on the B Smart channel, founded a year ago.

“It’s my new life”, explains the former deputy for Paris, who resigned in May and who also created “a consultancy company for business leaders and start-up “. “I won’t hide from you that I hesitated, because going to the other side of the mirror is a gamble,” says Benjmain Griveaux: “But one thing is certain: this program is fully in line with my consulting activity with business leaders ”.

Benjamin Griveaux, then LREM candidate for the City of Paris, had withdrawn from the municipal battle on February 14, 2020 after the broadcast of videos of an intimate nature.

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