Benjamin Griveaux is going to do TV

“I won’t hide from you that I hesitated, because going to the other side of the looking glass is a bet”. Benjamin Griveaux takes the plunge and completely changes lanes. In an interview with the “Journal du Dimanche”, the former candidate for mayor of Paris announced that he would soon present an economic news program on the B Smart channel.

“I will receive bosses, young and old, alongside the talented Florence Duprat. […] I have had enough opportunity in the past to be in front of journalists in press briefings to measure the difficulty of the exercise. And it is not because we have been interviewed often that we make a good interviewer “, describes the person concerned who will make his return to school on September 18. To complete the interview exercise, l he former politician explains that he will be inspired by Anne Sinclair.

The former deputy for Paris is also the head of a “consulting company for business leaders and start-ups”. This one affirms that this new emission “is fully in line with my activity of advising near business leaders”. Benjamin Griveaux, however, rules out a retraining in journalism or television. “Being a journalist cannot be improvised. It’s a job! My new life is to support managers and entrepreneurs, to help them grow and imagine innovative solutions to the challenges to be met”.

Benjamin Griveaux retired from politics after the battle of the 2020 municipal elections in Paris. Videos of a sexual nature had been broadcast. The person concerned affirms today “to go very well”: “The essential thing, my family, has been preserved. It is the only thing that matters”.

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